Library Regulations

  • Upon registration students become eligible to use the Library facilities of the College.
  • Students may be asked to present their Student Identity Card before being permitted to use the Library.
  • Briefcases or bags are not permitted into the Library.
  • The Library facilities, stock and equipment are intended to be used for academic purposes only.
  • Users of the Library are subject to existing regulations that are  either published within the Learning Management System (LMS) or posted  within the College premises. Users are also required to follow  instructions, advice or requests by authorised Library staff or College  representatives.
  • No book, periodical, piece of equipment or furniture may be removed  from the Library premises without the prior consent of authorised  personnel. Unauthorised removal of any item is an offence and will be  dealt with according to the relevant regulations.
  • Students who disturb other users in any way (noise, behaviour etc.)  may be denied future access to the Library if they do not conform to  staff requests to refrain from being noisy or to behave in an orderly  manner.

Users are liable to pay for the repair or replacement of Library  equipment/stock, which they have damaged willfully or accidentally.  Intentional damage will imply limitations or denial of future access to the Library facilities.