International Students

The application for a student visa needs to be  accompanied by the following documents (documents must be translated  from the original language into Greek or English):

  • Readable and confirmed/stamped copy of a valid passport or other  valid travel document. The passport/document should be valid at least  for the expected duration of the study programme or for at least two  years.
  • In case the applicant student is a minor, parental consent is required.
  • Non-criminal record certification by the student’s national authorities.
  • Confirmed health certificate along with medical tests for  tuberculosis, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, HIV/AIDS.  The validity of  the certificate should not exceed the period of four months.
  • Confirmation of admission to a tertiary education institution to  study for a programme of studies including a description of the  programme and its duration.
  • Confirmed recent certification (not longer than six months) by a  banking institution in the student’s country, confirming that the  student is able to pay the required fees and living expenses. In case  the student was awarded a scholarship, the necessary documents should be  submitted including reference to the institution providing the  scholarship and if this is based in the country of the student.  The  bank certification must be accompanied by a statement of bank account  showing a balance of at least €7000 for the month before the submission  of the application.
  • Academic qualifications records confirmed by the issuing  institution. In addition to the formal certificate, an analytical  transcript – indicating individual marks – should be provided.
  • Payment of the relevant fee of €85,43.


Confirmation of the documents from countries that  have signed the 1961 Hague Convention implies the bearing of the  Apostille seal which does not have to be translated.


In other cases, the documents must be confirmed by  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the student’s country of origin and  then validated by the Diplomatic mission of the particular county in  Cyprus, or the Diplomatic mission of Cyprus in the specific country.


Documents must be translated in Greek or English  either by the Public Information Office (PIO) in Cyprus or an approved  translator.  The translated documents must be confirmed as described  above.


Documents from Russia and Serbia are not subject to  confirmation as long as they are duly signed and stamped by the issuing  state authority. Documents submitted by candidates from China need to be  validated by the Chinese Ministry of Justice in which case the  diplomatic/consular confirmation is not required.


Upon arrival the above documents must be submitted  along with the presentation of a valid passport, the visa document, and  the amount of $2400 or €2000 in cash. The application for a Resident’s  Permit requires the submission of a copy of a valid passport, a health  and accident coverage insurance, a health certificate and X-rays stamped  and signed by a State Hospital Doctor, a local bank certificate that  the amount of at least €5000 has been transferred/wired in the student’s  personal account to cover his/her fees and living expenses (in addition  to the €2000 in cash presented at the airport upon arrival).   Furthermore, a bank guarantee by the academic institution undertaking to  cover the repatriation expenses of the student, two passport size  photos as well as the payment of the amount of €68,34.

Prospective students from the countries listed  below should attend personal interviews held at the Embassies of Cyprus  in their countries:

  • Bangladesh
  • China
  • India
  • Nepal
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka