Local Students

Local students are admitted upon the completion of their secondary education at a school approved by the Ministry of Education in Cyprus or possess equivalent qualifications as specified in the legislation and the regulations.

Transfer Students

Transfer students want to safely study in Cyprus therefore they can select the Executive Business School of Cyprus for their transfer.  Only at P.A. College, amongst tertiary education Institutions all over Europe, a student can follow Strategic Programs!

Further, P.A. College accepts applications for transfer of students who have successfully completed at least one academic year at a recognised university abroad.  Those interested can contact the Admissions Office of the College at tel. 24 021555 for further information regarding the submission of applications and transfer of credits and courses. Click on the link below for testimonials of students:


EU Students

Students from EU countries are not required to secure a visa before they come to Cyprus for studies. They are also required to have completed the specified secondary education requirements.

International Students

Students from third countries are required to secure a visa before their arrival. The process may differ for students of other countries of origin, as an interview at the local Cyprus Consulate or Embassy may be required.

Mature Students 

Mature individuals who have had a number of years in the industry associated with relevant professional experience and qualifications and who may decide to undertake further formal studies may be admitted at the College after the College authorities consider their original and subsequent qualifications and their experience. These will affect the year onto which such students will be admitted and which will not exceed the 50% of the requirements of the programme they have applied for.