B.A. (Hons) Business Administration

The dynamic and volatile business environment, the swift and significant advances in information technology and other  technologies, the increasing demands of markets and societies, and the  growth of globalisation and intense international competition constitute  a major set of challenges to any business unit.  In addition, these  developments have created stimulating new opportunities for promising business careers based on advanced and progressive studies in a collection of disciplines apt to the operations, functions and development of contemporary business.


This programme combines an academic study of business as a system and organisation within an economic environment, examining the context in which business is conducted, together with a functionally  oriented study of problem solving and decision based techniques  appropriate to business situations as well as the monitoring of business  operations. An important consideration is the speedy pace of  technological and social change in a dynamic environment.


Consequently, the programme has been designed to  provide students with substantial knowledge and intellectual skills that  enable them to pursuit a successful career in any type of business unit  by initially focusing on all aspects of business and then by further developing their knowledge in a variety of directions and eventually specialising in a specific business discipline. This has been approached by way of the programme structure containing core disciplines  and optional subjects. These provide a general framework of theory and analysis as well as the practical application of decision oriented and  monitoring techniques, and within which the multidisciplinary and  interdisciplinary nature of business may be studied effectively.


This programme provides the opportunity to develop a  broad range of studies in business which will enable the individual to pursue a range of career paths in the general management and  administration of business and commercial organisations. A choice of  specialist options is provided to enable greater depth of knowledge and  understanding of the more common functions found in most organisations (e.g. Marketing, Accounting and Information Systems). In addition, the opportunity is provided to study the sectors of business activity appropriate to the Cyprus economy, which will provide a sound platform for the development of a career in such sectors. The flexibility in the  programme structure provides the opportunity for option  pathways/concentrations in a number of business disciplines such as:

  • General Business Administration
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing Management

This serves the personal needs and interests of individual students in the best possible way.

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