Current Students


On enrollment, every student automatically becomes a member of the Students’ Union and receives his/her student card. The College has a formally structured Students’ Union with officers and ordinary members elected annually. The details of the election procedures are specified in the Internal Regulations. The Union offers welfare advice to its members, and student representatives are invited to participate in various committees set up by the College. The Union, depending on student interest, offers a wide range of sport, recreational and social activities including bands, party nights, educational visits, excursions, and numerous clubs, all being essential to make time at the College more enjoyable.


Another important feature of College life is the tutorial system, in which small groups of students discuss specific issues with a member of the faculty. Students are also given an opportunity for reading and private study, which is the essence of College education. In these small groups a student can develop as an individual, not merely as one of a class. The technique of learning for oneself is perhaps the most important thing to learn and experience at a College/University.


Students are allocated personal tutors who are members of the academic staff. The tutors act in a personal advisory capacity for the duration of a programme or an academic year and provide counseling on option choices and career development. Personal tutors may also provide guidance and assistance to students in need of support over personal problems.


The College provides very generous and well-equipped student facilities.

There is an excellent Cafeteria service with congenial accommodation on the top floor of the building, which is ideal for dining, entertaining and recreation, and which incorporates an adjacent games room.


Students are required, as a condition of enrolment, to abide by the College’s General Student Regulations, which are available from the main office at the College. A student handbook containing summarised or entire sections of the General Regulations as well as a lot of useful information is provided to students.


The College undertakes to safeguard its students’ rights, which include the following:

  • The Right to receive the best quality education for each of the programmes they have enrolled in.
  • The Right to be informed on their performance as a result of the submission and grading of assigned/submitted coursework (tests/assignments etc.).
  • The Right to access the College premises and facilities for the purpose of promoting their personal education and development.
  • The Right to become members of the Students’ Union, be elected in the administrative bodies of the Union, and participate in the activities organised by the Union.
  • The Right to appeal to the appropriate College bodies if they have sufficient evidence that their rights were violated as a result of decision(s) made by College bodies or agents.

At the same time, students’ duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • Complying with the published College Regulations.
  • Trying their best to acquire knowledge and skills as specified and promoted by the College programmes.
  • Securing a copy of the required textbook(s) so that the delivery of planned material is facilitated and standards are maintained. The purchase of the books is required in the first semester, whereas subsequently students may order their books in advance, or buy them on their own or borrow them from past students.
  • Behaving in an orderly manner.
  • Showing respect to the administration and other staff, the faculty, their colleagues, people visiting the College as well as the College property.
  • Present themselves in the College uniform if they are asked to do so by the College administration or any faculty member who has planned an activity requiring the students to be in uniform (i.e. when visiting a company or an organisation). Failure of a student to present himself or herself in uniform may result in the student being denied participation in the activity and he/she may receive an absence for the session(s) involved.
  • Other student duties and responsibilities may be detailed in other sections of the College Regulations.


Students are expected to maintain the reputation of the College and to uphold high standards of discipline, both in the precincts of the College and elsewhere. The members of the faculty have a responsibility to maintain order among students; breaches of discipline may be referred to the student’s tutor and/or the Head of the Department. More serious breaches of discipline may be dealt with by the Disciplinary Committee, which is empowered to administer penalties such as suspension, exclusion, or expulsion.