INCLUDEME Research Project

P.A. College participates in the ‘INCLUDEME - Inclusive digital environments to enable high-quality education and training for disadvantaged learners’ research project which is co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme. P.A. College undertakes the project in collaboration with a consortium of seven organisations from five European countries (Germany, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Cyprus).

The overall objective of the project is to nurture and implement inclusive education practices across educational, economic, social, and cultural contexts. Based on our prior expertise in Educational Technology we aim to create customisable, user-centred learning environments. Our aim is to employ the capabilities and facilities provided through accessible information technologies and gaming approaches to construct unique experiences that engage, motivate, and increase the learning outcomes of both disadvantaged and disabled learners. 

At an individual level, the INCLUDEME project aims to contribute by improving the lives of disadvantaged and disabled learners and provide them inclusive educational opportunities through accessible digital learning environments. Our goal is ‘accessibility and inclusivity for all’. On the same line we also appreciate the need for improving the teaching staff skills in relation to supporting technologies in inclusive education. At a community level, this research project aims to increase awareness around equality issues to support inclusive education.   

The INCLUDEME project takes a holistic approach and therefore Teachers, School Leaders, Primary and Secondary Education Organisations,  Families, NGOs, Policy makers, as well as individuals in the main groups (socio-economically disadvantaged students and students with health-related needs (physical and/or intellectual disabilities) participate in the Project.

For more details about the project feel free to visit the following link: INCLUDEME where you can find newsletters, video, and other relevant content.