The Erasmus Programme

P.A. College has the honour to actively participate in the Life Learning Programme and more specifically in the Erasmus programme. Erasmus is the European Commission's educational programme for Higher Education students, teachers and institutions. It was introduced in 1987 with the aim of increasing student and staff mobility  worldwide. P.A. College holds the European University Charter since  2005.


This programme concerns Staff and Student mobility exchange. This is achievable via subject specific exchange agreements between departments of P.A. College and partner institutions abroad. It gives many students the opportunity of applying for a study placement and/or work placement in a foreign country, and it has reached the status of a social and cultural phenomenon. Study placements can take place with one of our partner institutions whereas work placements offer the opportunity to work in a trusted company abroad. Research shows that a period spent abroad not only enriches students' lives in the  academic field but also in the acquisition of intercultural skills and self-reliance.


The circumstances formulated by the COVID-19 pandemic, negatively affect ongoing or planned activities under the Erasmus+ Programme. However, the European Commission is constantly working to help beneficiaries, students and other participants in the programmes overcome these challenges, ensuring their safety and protection.

The new Erasmus+ Programme 2021-2027 aims to promote social inclusion and diversity, green and digital transition as well as young people’s participation in democratic life.

P.A. College is encouraging people with special needs and people with fewer opportunities to participate in the Erasmus+ Programme. Interested students and staff please follow the link below to get information about the special arrangements provided by the Programme.  For further information or help we will be happy to assist you at our International Office.

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  1. Erasmus Policy Statement - PDF
  2. Erasmus University Charter 2021-2027 - PDF
  3. Mobility Commitment -  PDF
  4. Erasmus Student Charter - PDF
  5. Criteria and steps followed - PDF
  6. ERASMUS+ FACT-SHEET 2023-2024 - pdf